RepGuard by BlackTree

When it comes to your online reputation, it is critical that you stay on top of it. It takes seconds for your rating to drop into Yelp Hell, and you might never be able to recover from it. That is why RepGuard from Blacktree is such a key offering from Blacktree Marketing. RepGuard is an amazing tool to stay on top of your online reputation and keep you free from those negative reviews that can mean the difference between a closed sale and a missed opportunity.

What is RepGuard from Blacktree?

RepGuard from Blacktree is the key to helping you protect your online reputation. Not only does RepGuard allow you to monitor the reviews your company is getting, but it also gives you the ability to highlight positive reviews, respond to negative ones, and manage your digital reputation from one, easy to use dashboard. No more hoping and praying your customers will say something nice about your business. Take control of your online reputation today, and contact Blacktree Marketing.

How to Get Set-Up

This is the easy part. Just email Blacktree Marketing at and put RepGuard in the subject line. Let us know when a good time to reach you would be, and we would be happy to run you through a demo of the product, and how it can help you.