Paid Media Strategy & Management

As far as ways to jumpstart your marketing strategy’s performance, there is nothing more valuable than paid media (AdWords, Bing, Etc.) The trick is to make sure that the money you are putting into your paid media is coming back to you in the form of new clients and increased revenue. That’s where Blacktree Marketing can help. If you don’t have a sound strategy behind your paid media, you are basically burning money. Let us help you craft effective ads that drive the type of customer traffic you are looking for. Contact Blacktree Marketing today for a paid media audit and find out how we can help you get more clients and more sales.

What This Means

The world of Paid Media Advertising can be confusing. Google AdWords offers a whole suite of lessons to learn how to use the platform, how to craft ads, and how those ads should be deployed, but if you aren’t in there each and every day working with it you can get overwhelmed fast.

No worries, Blacktree Marketing has a team of people that are dedicated to crafting effecting paid ads for our clients. As a Google Certified Agency, we are uniquely qualified to help you create, deploy, and manage an effective paid media campaign that will start to drive new customers to your door fast.

What You Get

As part of our Paid Media Strategy and Management, you are able to lean on the expertise of our team. With years of experience writing effective ad copy, and deploying the right message and the right time, your paid media will perform above industry standards in all of your key performance metrics.

Not only will we create the ads for you, but we will perform the requisite keyword research for you beforehand. Our team also creates effective ad groups and campaigns to make sure your message doesn’t get redundant, as well as performing A/B Testing to find the right ad for the right market. This all leads to an increase in client leads, which ultimately will lead to more money on your bottom line.

Let the expert paid media specialists at Blacktree Marketing take the reigns of your paid media strategy today. You are about to be too busy to handle it.

How To Get Started

Just contact Blacktree Marketing at to get started on the path of effective paid media strategy and management. You can also use our convenient online form to get in touch with our team.